Does your deck need to be repaired? Did the winter take its toll on your deck?

A deck is an expensive but wonderful addition to your home, providing considerable quality of living to you, and will be a valuable feature to help you sell your home in the future.

A long winter can damage your outdoor areas, and deck repair may be necessary before you can entertain guests on your deck.

To ensure that your deck stands the test of time and lasts for as long as possible, yearly maintenance should take place. Does your deck need to be resealed? Does it need the rails reinforced or other minor repairs? Give us a call.

Extreme temperature changes, seasonal moisture and intense UV exposure take a toll on horizontal wood surfaces such as decks and stairways. A regular deck maintenance program that includes cleaning, sanding, and staining can increase the life and value of your deck and prevent costly replacement.

Every year your deck should undergo the following maintenance tasks to keep it in the best condition possible:

* Staining or re-staining

* Handrail maintenance

* Joist reinforcement

* Replacement of planking, treads, and posts

If, your deck looks a little dingy, pressure washing it can help. Once it has been pressure washed, the next thing to do is to have it sealed.

Constant exposure to UV rays and rain can cause neglected decks to fade, crack, split and warp. But with a heavy coat of sealant, your deck will be protected.

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We have the experienced and craftsmanship to keep your deck maintained. We'll walk you through the process every step of the way for a simple, smooth experience.

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