If you’re in need of repair, remodeling, cleaning, rodent-proofing, or any other necessary attic service, we can help!

The Killeen Handyman can do any sort of remodeling for your home. Our personnel are experienced with fixing and renovating attics. From floorboard installation to fixing and repairing walls, our attic service specialists are always ready to help!

When you’re trying to stay comfortable in both winter and summer, a well-insulated home is the first place to start. We can help you keep the warmth in on cold winter nights and keep the heat out on hot summer afternoons.

An uninsulated attic will be freezing cold in the winter and hot in the summer, causing your home’s heating and cooling systems to work harder than they should, and costing you a lot of extra money to heat or cool your house.

In most homes, the attic is the hottest part of the house during the summer and the coolest part during the winter.​​​​​​​

While we’re installing new insulation, we can check for leaks and do any necessary leak proofing. Once we’ve made sure your attic is leak proof, we install a radiant barrier between the insulation and the attic.

We have the tools and experience necessary to get the job done. Invite us out to your home for an estimate and let us show you how to heat and cool your home with the best results, and the most savings for you. 

Our Attic Service includes:

* Air Sealing

* Attic Repair​​​​​​​

* Attic Inspection

* Attic Ventilation

* Attic Renovations

* Attic Maintenance

* Attic Rodent Control

* Attic Insulation Repair

Why use us?
Professional and experienced

* Fast and efficient

* Trusted and reliable provider

* Low costs and high quality

​​​​​​​Having the correct amount of insulation in your attic will help reduce your energy bills. An attic is one of the easiest places in a house to insulate, especially if you'd like to “cap” or add to your existing attic insulation.

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